Our journey began almost three decades ago with the small dream of manufacturing the best architectural glass in Lebanon. Today, we are leaders in the country and the MENA region, providing state-of-the-art glass solutions for all types of architectural and decorative projects with a diverse portfolio of executed jobs in Lebanon and abroad.
Since its establishment, Horizontal Tempering Glass’ workforce has grown to more than 140 employees operating on a 5500sqm facility located in the suburbs of Beirut.
Looking forward to the future, we will maintain our commitment to quality and innovation while aiming for excellence.

your glass facade to the world

Over the years, we have invested in human talent alongside top-of-the-line equipment and machineries in order to meet the constant evolution of building requirements. We have also worked on our qualifications and hence got certified from major world glass producers like Saint Gobain, AGC and Guardian Glass in addition to having our glass CE-marked according to EN1279 and EN12150- allowing us to sell our products in different markets all over the world including Europe and the United States.
Being part of a holding of companies including A. Hajjar for Trading (a company that imports/ exports all types of annealed raw material glass) and ABM (specialized in sealants, production tools and hardware trading) , we are increasingly growing foothold in the market as we can independently and continuously cover our supply chain. We strive for precise and on time delivery while constantly improving our production quality. Our customers are satisfied by both our services and our creative solutions that are always tailored to their specific requirements.
Most importantly, we do it all while maintaining the highest standards of safety, professional and ethical integrity.