Tempered Glass

Surpasses annealed glass in safety and functioning. Valued for its mechanical and thermal strength and when broken is fragmented into small pieces causing less damage and injuries

Laminated Glass

Has the capability to incorporate various options of glass compositions: tempered glass, clear glass, colored or coated glass.. Also adds value in both safety and acoustical performances

Double Glazed Units

Two panes of glass enclosing a hermitically sealed airspace. Used for providing high sound and thermal insulation while providing better solutions when high performance glass is used in the combinations. Application: Curtain walls, building facades, windows..

Stainless Steel Structures And Glass Fittings

We provide solutions for all sorts of structures that are to be used for several purposes such as spider facades, bullet proof facades, canopies, skylights… Such structures are all prepared inhouse under the supervision of our engineers and the installation of the well trained technical teams.

Bullet Proof Glass

Multilayers of glass laminated with PVB having a total thickness ranging from 18mm upwards depending on the type of bullet/weapon to resist.

Curtain Glass Systems