Glass Processing Certifications

While working on becoming a better supplier for our customers and in order to provide their exact needs and meet their expectations
with the evolution of the glass world, HTG has taken the decision to work on becoming the first and only certified
glass processor (for worldwide glass companies) in Lebanon. Accordingly, training sessions and auditing periods were
held in our factory in order to enhance our staff’s knowledge about high performance glazing, means of handling and
processing such types of glass. Auditors from those various companies have spent months tracking our system, our
production and our quality until we finally achieved the set goals.
Below is a list of certificates obtained referring to different types of high performance glass (solar and thermal) from
SAINT GOBAIN GLASS & GLASTROSCH. Such certificates do carry an expiry date where auditors from those companies visit
us yearly to ensure the quality of our production still meets their standards. Moreover, HTG is carrying on with the
certification process with other companies such as Guardian glass hence maintaining our current status of being the
only certified glass factory in Lebanon.